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......@@ -18,11 +18,17 @@ redisplay uses an invalidated face_id with FACE_FROM_ID
which then returns a NULL pointer. Said to happen with
isearch faces.
** Clean up flymake.el to follow Emacs Lisp conventions.
** Make GTK scrollbars behave like others w.r.t. overscrolling.
** Make GTK update the menu bar in two stages, as with Xt,
so that the first can run Lisp code, while only the second
......@@ -2312,6 +2312,13 @@ configuration files.
* Lisp Changes in Emacs 21.4
** The new function `called-interactively-p' does what many people
have mistakenly believed `interactively-p' did: it returns t if the
calling function was called through `call-interactively'.
This should only be used when you cannot add a new "interactively"
argument to the command.
** An interactive specification may now use the code letter 'U' to get
the up-event that was discarded in case the last key sequence read for a
......@@ -85,6 +85,8 @@ to the FSF.
at the same time and do it in a context-sensitive way.
*** ability to add mode-specific data to the partial-parse-state.
** Add a way to convert a keyboard macro to equivalent Lisp code.
** Have a command suggestion help system that recognizes patterns
of commands which could be replaced with a simpler common command.
It should not make more than one suggestion per 10 minutes.
2004-11-01 Richard M. Stallman <>
* allout.el (allout group): Add :version.
(allout-init): Don't use interactive-p.
(allout-ascend-to-depth, allout-ascend, allout-end-of-level)
(allout-forward-current-level, allout-backward-current-level):
Don't use interactive-p.
* textmodes/bibtex.el (bibtex-make-field): Don't use interactive-p.
(bibtex-find-text): Likewise.
* progmodes/vhdl-mode.el (vhdl-fill-region)
(vhdl-beginning-of-statement): Don't use interactive-p.
* progmodes/idlwave.el (idlwave-update-routine-info):
Don't use interactive-p.
* progmodes/idlw-shell.el (idlwave-shell-send-char):
Don't use interactive-p.
* progmodes/cperl-mode.el (cperl-switch-to-doc-buffer):
Don't use interactive-p.
* progmodes/ada-xref.el (ada-make-body-gnatstub):
Don't use interactive-p.
* play/fortune.el (fortune-to-signature): Don't use interactive-p.
(fortune-in-buffer): Doc fix.
* play/5x5.el (5x5-new-game): Set up the buffer even if not interactive.
* net/eudc.el (eudc-display-records): Use with-output-to-temp-buffer;
don't select the temporary buffer.
(eudc-get-email): New optional arg ERROR; don't use interactive-p.
(eudc-get-phone): Likewise.
2004-11-01 Kim F. Storm <>
* man.el (Man-xref-normal-file): Fix help-echo.
2004-11-01 Richard M. Stallman <>
* commands.texi (Interactive Call): Add called-interactively-p.
2004-10-29 Simon Josefsson <>
* minibuf.texi (Reading a Password): Revert.
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