Commit 2d225a3a authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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Use cal-tex-arg more

* lisp/calendar/cal-tex.el (cal-tex-scriptsize, cal-tex-huge)
(cal-tex-Huge, cal-tex-large): Use cal-tex-arg.
parent b2403709
......@@ -4,6 +4,8 @@
Use cal-tex-vspace.
(cal-tex-vspace, cal-tex-hspace, cal-tex-em, cal-tex-bf)
(cal-tex-Huge-bf, cal-tex-large-bf): Use cal-tex-cmd.
(cal-tex-scriptsize, cal-tex-huge, cal-tex-Huge, cal-tex-large):
Use cal-tex-arg.
* calendar/cal-tex.el (cal-tex-cursor-filofax-year)
(cal-tex-cursor-week, cal-tex-cursor-week2)
......@@ -1928,15 +1928,15 @@ Add trailing COMMENT if present."
(defun cal-tex-scriptsize (string)
"Insert STRING in scriptsize font."
(insert "{\\scriptsize " string "}"))
(cal-tex-arg (concat "\\scriptsize " string)))
(defun cal-tex-huge (string)
"Insert STRING in huge font."
(insert "{\\huge " string "}"))
(cal-tex-arg (concat "\\huge " string)))
(defun cal-tex-Huge (string)
"Insert STRING in Huge font."
(insert "{\\Huge " string "}"))
(cal-tex-arg (concat "\\Huge " string)))
(defun cal-tex-Huge-bf (string)
"Insert STRING in Huge bf font."
......@@ -1944,7 +1944,7 @@ Add trailing COMMENT if present."
(defun cal-tex-large (string)
"Insert STRING in large font."
(insert "{\\large " string "}"))
(cal-tex-arg (concat "\\large " string)))
(defun cal-tex-large-bf (string)
"Insert STRING in large bf font."
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