Commit 2d22e7ed authored by YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu's avatar YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu
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[MAC_OS] (find_image_fsspec): Use coercion of Apple event data for

translation from/to file names.
parent 70128967
......@@ -2259,23 +2259,25 @@ find_image_fsspec (specified_file, file, fss)
Lisp_Object specified_file, *file;
FSSpec *fss;
FSRef fsr;
OSErr err;
AEDesc desc;
*file = x_find_image_file (specified_file);
if (!STRINGP (*file))
return fnfErr; /* file or directory not found;
incomplete pathname */
/* Try to open the image file. */
err = FSPathMakeRef (SDATA (*file), &fsr, NULL);
err = AECoercePtr (TYPE_FILE_NAME, SDATA (*file),
SBYTES (*file), typeFSS, &desc);
if (err == noErr)
err = FSGetCatalogInfo (&fsr, kFSCatInfoNone, NULL, NULL, fss, NULL);
err = AEGetDescData (&desc, fss, sizeof (FSSpec));
err = posix_pathname_to_fsspec (SDATA (*file), fss);
*fss = *(FSSpec *)(*(desc.dataHandle));
AEDisposeDesc (&desc);
return err;
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