Commit 2d24227e authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(imenu-use-keymap-menu): New variable.

(imenu-auto-rescan): New variable.
(imenu-auto-rescan-maxout): New variable.
(imenu-generic-expression): Doc changes.
(imenu-generic-lisp-expression): New variable.
(imenu-generic-c-expression): New variable.
(imenu-example--generic-c++-expression): Changed the name to
(imenu-example--generic-texinfo-expression): Changed the name to
(imenu-example--generic-latex-expression): Changed the name to
(imenu--scanning-method-alist): New variable.
(imenu--split-menu): Changed it to make the title "Index menu"
instead of "Function menus".
(imenu--make-index-alist): Changed to handle auto rescan.
(imenu--create-keymap-2): New function to create a keymap.
(imenu--create-keymap-1): New function.
(imenu--in-alist): New function.
(imenu-default-create-index-function): Changed to handle
(imenu--generic-extract-name): Removed.
(imenu--generic-function): Rewritten to handle submenus.
(imenu--mouse-menu): Changed to handle keymaps.
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