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Update the Allout entries.

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......@@ -1993,6 +1993,7 @@ using hi-lock-mode in an initialization file will turn on Hi Lock in all
buffers and no warning will be issued (for compatibility with the
behavior in older versions of Emacs).
** Changes in Allout
*** Topic cryptography added, enabling easy gpg topic encryption and
......@@ -2001,11 +2002,19 @@ clear-text within a single file to your heart's content, using symmetric
and/or public key modes. Time-limited key caching, user-provided
symmetric key hinting and consistency verification, auto-encryption of
pending topics on save, and more, make it easy to use encryption in
powerful ways.
powerful ways. Encryption behavior customization is collected in the
allout-encryption customization group.
*** `allout-view-change-hook' marked as being deprecated - use
`allout-exposure-change-hook' instead. Both are currently being used, but
`allout-view-change-hook' will be ignored in a subsequent allout version.
`allout-exposure-change-hook' instead. Both are still invoked, but
`allout-view-change-hook' will eventually be ignored. The new
`allout-exposure-change-hook' is called with args that were passed to
`allout-flag-region', making it easier to use.
*** Other allout functions which change the outline structure also have
hooks, enabling cooperative allout enhancements. See
`allout-structure-added-hook', `allout-structure-deleted-hook', and
*** Default command prefix changed to "\C-c " (control-c space), to avoid
intruding on user's keybinding space. Customize the
......@@ -2016,23 +2025,43 @@ concealed text, instead of selective-display. This simplifies the code, in
particular avoiding the need for kludges for isearch dynamic-display,
discretionary handling of edits of concealed text, undo concerns, etc.
*** Some previously rough topic-header format edge cases are reconciled.
Level 1 topics use the mode's comment format, and lines starting with the
asterisk - for instance, the comment close of some languages (eg, c's "*/"
or mathematica's "*)") - at the beginning of line are no longer are
interpreted as level 1 topics in those modes. (Yay!)
*** Many substantial fixes and refinements, including:
- repaired inhibition of inadvertent edits to concealed text
- repaired retention of topic body hanging indent upon topic depth shifts
- repaired regexp-quoting of custom header prefixes, so any literals
will now work (for instance, mathematica's "(*" is now properly
- repaired inhibition of inadvertent edits to concealed text.
- refuse to create "containment discontinuities", where a
topic is shifted deeper than the offspring-depth of its' container
- auto-fill-mode is now left inactive when allout-mode starts, if it
already was inactive. also, `allout-inhibit-auto-fill' custom
configuration variable makes it easy to disable auto fill in allout
outlines in general or on a per-buffer basis.
- new hook `allout-mode-deactivate-hook', for coordinating with
deactivation of allout-mode.
- mode hook changes: new hook `allout-mode-deactivate-hook', for
coordinating with deactivation of allout-mode. `allout-mode-hook' is
now run after the `allout-mode' variable is changed, as is the new
- allout now tolerates fielded text in outlines without disruption.
- hot-spot navigation now is modularized with a new function,
`allout-hotspot-key-handler', enabling easier articulation and
enhancement of the functionality by allout addons.
- topic body navigation is easier, where repeated beginning of line and
end of line key commands cycle through the actually beginning/end of
line and then beginning/end of topic, etc. see new customization vars
`allout-beginning-of-line-cycles' and `allout-end-of-line-cycles'.
- repaired retention of topic body hanging indent upon topic depth shifts
- bulleting variation is simpler and more accommodating, both in the
default behavior and in ability to vary when creating new topics
- mode deactivation now does cleans up effectively, more properly
restoring affected variables and hooks to former state, removing
overlays, etc.
overlays, etc. see `allout-add-resumptions' and
`allout-do-resumptions', which replace the old `allout-resumptions'.
- included a few unit-tests for interior functionality. developers can
have them automatically run at the end of module load by customizing
the option `allout-run-unit-tests-on-load'.
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