Commit 2d56beed authored by Chong Yidong's avatar Chong Yidong
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* os.texi (Timers): Mention with-local-quit.

parent 94019f61
2006-09-25 Chong Yidong <>
* os.texi (Timers): Mention with-local-quit.
2006-09-24 Richard Stallman <>
* searching.texi (Searching and Matching): Mention property search.
......@@ -1386,7 +1386,12 @@ function, because quitting out of many timer functions can leave
things in an inconsistent state. This is normally unproblematical
because most timer functions don't do a lot of work. Indeed, for a
timer to call a function that takes substantial time to run is likely
to be annoying.
to be annoying. If a timer function needs to allow quitting, it
should use @code{with-local-quit} (@pxref{Quitting}). For example, if
a timer function calls @code{accept-process-output} to receive output
from an external process, that call should be wrapped inside
@code{with-local-quit}, to ensure that @kbd{C-g} works if the external
process hangs.
It is usually a bad idea for timer functions to alter buffer
contents. When they do, they usually should call @code{undo-boundary}
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