Commit 2d6d9df0 authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann
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(Fwindow_end): Don't call temp_set_pt_both with

out of range position.
parent f9632fc8
......@@ -720,8 +720,21 @@ if it isn't already recorded.")
&& XFASTINT (w->last_modified) >= MODIFF))
int opoint = PT, opoint_byte = PT_BYTE;
TEMP_SET_PT_BOTH (XMARKER (w->start)->charpos,
XMARKER (w->start)->bytepos);
/* In case W->start is out of the range, use something
reasonable. This situation occured when loading a file with
`-l' containing a call to `rmail' with subsequent other
commands. At the end, W->start happened to be BEG, while
rmail had already narrowed the buffer. This leads to an
abort in temp_set_pt_both. */
if (XMARKER (w->start)->charpos < BEGV)
else if (XMARKER (w->start)->charpos > ZV)
TEMP_SET_PT_BOTH (XMARKER (w->start)->charpos,
XMARKER (w->start)->bytepos);
Fvertical_motion (make_number (window_internal_height (w)), Qnil);
XSETINT (value, PT);
TEMP_SET_PT_BOTH (opoint, opoint_byte);
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