Commit 2d6fabfc authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann
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(Fplist_get, Fplist_put): Add QUITs.

parent 8d066ddc
......@@ -1852,8 +1852,8 @@ merge (org_l1, org_l2, pred)
tail = tem;
DEFUN ("plist-get", Fplist_get, Splist_get, 2, 2, 0,
"Extract a value from a property list.\n\
PLIST is a property list, which is a list of the form\n\
......@@ -1862,16 +1862,22 @@ corresponding to the given PROP, or nil if PROP is not\n\
one of the properties on the list.")
(plist, prop)
Lisp_Object plist;
register Lisp_Object prop;
Lisp_Object prop;
register Lisp_Object tail;
for (tail = plist; !NILP (tail); tail = Fcdr (XCDR (tail)))
Lisp_Object tail;
for (tail = plist;
CONSP (tail) && CONSP (XCDR (tail));
tail = XCDR (XCDR (tail)))
register Lisp_Object tem;
tem = Fcar (tail);
if (EQ (prop, tem))
return Fcar (XCDR (tail));
if (EQ (prop, XCAR (tail)))
return XCAR (XCDR (tail));
if (!NILP (tail))
wrong_type_argument (Qlistp, prop);
return Qnil;
......@@ -1910,6 +1916,7 @@ The PLIST is modified by side effects.")
return plist;
prev = tail;
newcell = Fcons (prop, Fcons (val, Qnil));
if (NILP (prev))
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