etc/AUTHORS: Update the AUTHORS file

parent a8a23849
......@@ -1161,6 +1161,7 @@ Dmitry Dzhus: changed gdb-mi.el gud.el fadr.el all.xpm building.texi
Dmitry Gorbik: changed org.el
Dmitry Gutov: wrote elisp-mode-tests.el json-tests.el vc-hg.el
and changed ruby-mode.el xref.el elisp-mode.el etags.el project.el
ruby-mode-tests.el vc-git.el ruby.rb package.el vc.el js.el log-edit.el
menu-bar.el vc-svn.el minibuffer.el package-test.el progmodes/grep.el
......@@ -3480,7 +3481,7 @@ and co-wrote cal-dst.el
and changed lisp.h alloc.c process.c xdisp.c fileio.c
sysdep.c keyboard.c image.c editfns.c emacs.c xterm.c lread.c data.c
callproc.c fns.c eval.c buffer.c dispnew.c
and 1472 other files
and 1473 other files
Paul Fisher: changed fns.c
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