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......@@ -364,3 +364,37 @@ works), or by adding an entry to ~/.bazaar/locations.conf:
You have to use locations.conf rather than bazaar.conf because the
latter has a lower priority than branch.conf.
* Using git-bzr
** initially
You can use Git locally to talk to the Bazaar repo as a "remote" repo
via git-bzr (aka git-remote-bzr). Initial clone:
git clone bzr::bzr+ssh:// e
This creates the working dir e/ (with subdir .git, etc). Disk usage
is 13G (as of early 2014), so you will probably want to repack:
git repack -a -d -f --window=250 --depth=250 --window-memory=N
where N is chosen to avoid swapping. E.g., given 512MB RAM, N="200m"
results in "du -sh .git" => 559M, about double the smallest reported
value (obtained with "deprecated" command "git gc --aggressive").
** steady-state
Use "fetch", "pull" and other remote-to-local commands as usual.
For "push", the Emacs Bazaar repo is configured with
append_revisions_only = True
so some versions of git-remote-bzr may raise AppendRevisionsOnlyViolation
(in func do_export) instead of displaying a "non fast-forward" message
and skipping the branch. See:
which includes a provisional patch to git-remote-bzr to do that.
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