Commit 2d846eec authored by R. Bernstein's avatar R. Bernstein

Add realgud faces

parent 62504a9f
......@@ -68,7 +68,18 @@ of green, brown, and blue.")
`(message-header-subject ((,class (:foreground "pale turquoise"))))
`(message-header-to ((,class (:foreground "pale green"))))
`(message-cited-text ((,class (:foreground "SpringGreen3"))))
`(message-separator ((,class (:foreground "deep sky blue"))))))
`(message-separator ((,class (:foreground "deep sky blue"))))
;; Realgud faces
`(realgud-overlay-arrow1 ((,class (:foreground "SpringGreen3"))))
`(realgud-overlay-arrow2 ((,class (:foreground "white"))))
`(realgud-overlay-arrow3 ((,class (:foreground "wheat"))))
`(realgud-bp-enabled-face ((,class (:inherit error))))
`(realgud-bp-disabled-face ((,class (:foreground "dark slate gray"))))
`(realgud-bp-line-enabled-face ((,class (:foreground "salmon"))))
`(realgud-bp-line-disabled-face ((,class (:foreground "dark slate gray"))))
`(realgud-file-name ((,class (:foreground "dark khaki"))))
`(realgud-line-number ((,class (:foreground "dark cyan"))))
`(realgud-backtrace-number ((,class (:foreground "dark cyan" :weight bold))))))
(provide-theme 'wheatgrass)
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