Commit 2dbe05d0 authored by Paul Eggert's avatar Paul Eggert

Remove no-longer-needed fflushes of stderr

* src/gmalloc.c (mabort) [GC_MCHECK && !__GNU_LIBRARY__]:
* src/term.c (vfatal): Remove fflush (stderr) when it is now a
no-op because newline automatically flushes stderr.
parent 2079e40a
......@@ -2013,7 +2013,6 @@ mabort (enum mcheck_status status)
__libc_fatal (msg);
fprintf (stderr, "mcheck: %s\n", msg);
fflush (stderr);
emacs_abort ();
......@@ -4402,7 +4402,6 @@ vfatal (const char *str, va_list ap)
vfprintf (stderr, str, ap);
if (!(strlen (str) > 0 && str[strlen (str) - 1] == '\n'))
fprintf (stderr, "\n");
fflush (stderr);
exit (1);
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