Commit 2dd12e7f authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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* lisp/mail/mail-utils.el (mail-dont-reply-to): Silence compiler.

parent e4157b9c
2011-05-17 Glenn Morris <>
* mail/mail-utils.el (mail-dont-reply-to): Silence compiler.
* progmodes/idlw-shell.el (idlwave-shell-complete-filename):
Replace obsolete function.
......@@ -236,7 +236,7 @@ comma-separated list, and return the pruned list."
(setq mail-dont-reply-to-names
;; `rmail-default-dont-reply-to-names' is obsolete.
(if rmail-default-dont-reply-to-names
(if (bound-and-true-p rmail-default-dont-reply-to-names)
(concat rmail-default-dont-reply-to-names "\\|")
(if (and user-mail-address
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