Commit 2de69e00 authored by Roland Winkler's avatar Roland Winkler
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lisp/textmodes/bibtex.el: add support for biblatex

parent 2dcdbdd9
......@@ -475,6 +475,11 @@ Just set shell-dir-cookie-re to an appropriate regexp.
** BibTeX mode
*** BibTeX mode now supports biblatex.
Use the variable bibtex-dialect to select support for different BibTeX dialects.
bibtex-entry-field-alist is now an obsolete alias for
*** New command `bibtex-search-entries' bound to C-c C-a.
*** New `bibtex-entry-format' option `sort-fields', disabled by default.
2011-07-05 Roland Winkler <>
* textmodes/bibtex.el: Add support for biblatex.
(bibtex-BibTeX-entry-alist, bibtex-biblatex-entry-alist)
(bibtex-BibTeX-field-alist, bibtex-biblatex-field-alist)
(bibtex-dialect-list, bibtex-dialect, bibtex-no-opt-remove-re)
(bibtex-entry-alist, bibtex-field-alist): New variables.
(bibtex-entry-field-alist): Obsolete alias for
(bibtex-entry-alist, bibtex-field-alist): New widgets.
(bibtex-set-dialect): New command.
(bibtex-entry-type, bibtex-entry-head)
(bibtex-entry-maybe-empty-head, bibtex-any-valid-entry-type): Bind
via bibtex-set-dialect.
(bibtex-Article, bibtex-Book, bibtex-Booklet, bibtex-InBook)
(bibtex-InCollection, bibtex-InProceedings, bibtex-Manual)
(bibtex-MastersThesis, bibtex-Misc, bibtex-PhdThesis)
(bibtex-Proceedings, bibtex-TechReport, bibtex-Unpublished):
Define via bibtex-set-dialect.
(bibtex-name-in-field, bibtex-remove-OPT-or-ALT): Obey
(bibtex-vec-push, bibtex-vec-incr): New functions.
(bibtex-format-entry, bibtex-field-list)
(bibtex-print-help-message, bibtex-validate)
(bibtex-search-entries): Use new format of bibtex-entry-alist.
2011-07-05 Stefan Monnier <>
* progmodes/compile.el (compilation-goto-locus):
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