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......@@ -48,10 +48,10 @@ OpenType fonts.
*** Added support for the m17n library for text shaping.
** Changes to image support
*** configure now checks for libgif before libungif when searching for
a GIF library.
*** Emacs now supports the SVG image format through librsvg2.
** The Mac Carbon port is no longer supported.
......@@ -62,19 +62,21 @@ bindings for Emacs.
** Support for many obsolete platforms has been removed.
See the list at the end of etc/MACHINES for details.
*** Support for systems without alloca has been removed.
*** Support for Sun windows has been removed.
*** The `emacstool' utility has been removed.
** The `emacstool' utility has been removed.
** The configure options `--with-gcc', `--without-gcc' have been removed.
Configure will use gcc by default. Set the CC environment variable if
you need control over which C compiler is used.
** The refcards are now shipped as PDF files.
** Emacs 23 comes with a new set of default icons.
Various resolutions are available as etc/images/icons/hicolor/*/apps/emacs.png.
The Emacs 22 icon is available as `emacs22.png' in the same location.
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