Commit 2e16580f authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(compute_glyph_face_1): New function.

parent c4628384
......@@ -743,6 +743,31 @@ compute_glyph_face (f, face_code, current_face)
return intern_computed_face (f, &face);
/* Return the face ID to use to display a special glyph which selects
FACE_CODE as the face ID, assuming that ordinarily the face would
be CURRENT_FACE. F is the frame. */
compute_glyph_face_1 (f, face_name, current_face)
struct frame *f;
Lisp_Object face_name;
int current_face;
struct face face;
face = *FRAME_COMPUTED_FACES (f)[current_face];
if (!NILP (face_name))
int facecode = face_name_id_number (f, face_name);
if (facecode >= 0 && facecode < FRAME_N_PARAM_FACES (f)
&& FRAME_PARAM_FACES (f) [facecode] != 0)
merge_faces (FRAME_PARAM_FACES (f) [facecode], &face);
return intern_computed_face (f, &face);
/* Return the face ID associated with a buffer position POS.
Store into *ENDPTR the position at which a different face is needed.
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