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Merge from erc--emacs--21

Creator:  Michael Olson <>
parent 6b2fcbb5
2006-08-03 Michael Olson <>
* ERC-NEWS: Update for ERC 5.1.4.
2006-08-01 Kenichi Handa <>
* NEWS (find-operation-coding-system): Describe the more detail of
ERC NEWS -*- outline -*-
* Changes in ERC 5.2 (unreleased)
* Changes in ERC 5.1.4
** Make find-function and find-variable work in Emacs 22 for
names that are constructed by `define-erc-module'.
** Fix bug introduced in ERC 5.1.3 that caused messages to go the
wrong buffer.
** Changes and additions to modules
*** Highlighting (erc-match.el)
**** Don't activate view-mode.
*** Logging (erc-log.el)
**** When this module is activated, make sure logging is enabled on
already-opened buffers. Ditto for disabling logging when the module
is deactivated.
**** Fix some errors that occur when exiting Emacs without first
quitting open IRC servers.
* Changes in ERC 5.1.3
2006-08-02 Michael Olson <>
* erc.el (erc-version-string): Release ERC 5.1.4.
* Makefile, NEWS, erc.texi: Update for the 5.1.4 release.
* erc.el (erc-active-buffer): Fix bug that caused messages to go
to the wrong buffer. Thanks to offby1 for the report.
* erc-backend.el (erc-coding-system-for-target): Handle case where
target is nil. Thanks to Kai Fan for the patch.
2006-07-29 Michael Olson <>
* erc-log.el (erc-log-setup-logging): Don't offer to save the
buffer. It will be saved automatically killed. Thanks to Johan
Bockgård and Tassilo Horn for pointing this out.
2006-07-27 Johan Bockgård <>
* erc.el (define-erc-module): Make find-function and find-variable
find the names constructed by `define-erc-module' in Emacs 22.
2006-07-14 Michael Olson <>
* erc-log.el (log): Make sure that we enable logging on
already-opened buffers as well, in case the user toggles this
module after loading ERC. Also be sure to remove logging ability
from all ERC buffers when the module is disabled.
(erc-log-setup-logging): Set buffer-file-name to nil rather than
the empty string. This should fix some errors that occur when
quitting Emacs without first killing all ERC buffers.
(erc-log-disable-logging): New function that removes the logging
ability from the current buffer.
* erc-spelling.el (spelling): Use dolist and buffer-live-p.
2006-07-12 Michael Olson <>
* erc-match.el (erc-log-matches): Bind inhibit-read-only rather
......@@ -563,11 +563,12 @@ action."
"Return the coding system or cons cell appropriate for TARGET.
This is determined via `erc-encoding-coding-alist' or
(or (let ((case-fold-search t))
(catch 'match
(dolist (pat erc-encoding-coding-alist)
(when (string-match (car pat) target)
(throw 'match (cdr pat))))))
(or (when target
(let ((case-fold-search t))
(catch 'match
(dolist (pat erc-encoding-coding-alist)
(when (string-match (car pat) target)
(throw 'match (cdr pat)))))))
(and (functionp erc-server-coding-system)
(funcall erc-server-coding-system))
......@@ -218,7 +218,10 @@ also be a predicate function. To only log when you are not set away, use:
(add-hook 'erc-quit-hook 'erc-conditional-save-queries)
(add-hook 'erc-part-hook 'erc-conditional-save-buffer)
;; append, so that 'erc-initialize-log-marker runs first
(add-hook 'erc-connect-pre-hook 'erc-log-setup-logging 'append))
(add-hook 'erc-connect-pre-hook 'erc-log-setup-logging 'append)
(dolist (buffer (erc-buffer-list))
(when (buffer-live-p buffer)
(with-current-buffer buffer (erc-log-setup-logging)))))
;; disable
((remove-hook 'erc-insert-post-hook 'erc-save-buffer-in-logs)
(remove-hook 'erc-send-post-hook 'erc-save-buffer-in-logs)
......@@ -226,7 +229,10 @@ also be a predicate function. To only log when you are not set away, use:
(remove-hook 'erc-kill-channel-hook 'erc-save-buffer-in-logs)
(remove-hook 'erc-quit-hook 'erc-conditional-save-queries)
(remove-hook 'erc-part-hook 'erc-conditional-save-buffer)
(remove-hook 'erc-connect-pre-hook 'erc-log-setup-logging)))
(remove-hook 'erc-connect-pre-hook 'erc-log-setup-logging)
(dolist (buffer (erc-buffer-list))
(when (buffer-live-p buffer)
(with-current-buffer buffer (erc-log-disable-logging))))))
(define-key erc-mode-map "\C-c\C-l" 'erc-save-buffer-in-logs)
......@@ -236,8 +242,7 @@ also be a predicate function. To only log when you are not set away, use:
This function is destined to be run from `erc-connect-pre-hook'."
(when (erc-logging-enabled)
(auto-save-mode -1)
(setq buffer-offer-save t
buffer-file-name "")
(setq buffer-file-name nil)
(set (make-local-variable 'write-file-functions)
(when erc-log-insert-log-on-open
......@@ -245,6 +250,12 @@ This function is destined to be run from `erc-connect-pre-hook'."
(move-marker erc-last-saved-position
(1- (point-max)))))))
(defun erc-log-disable-logging ()
"Disable logging in the current buffer."
(when (erc-logging-enabled)
(setq buffer-offer-save nil
erc-enable-logging nil)))
(defun erc-log-all-but-server-buffers (buffer)
"Returns t if logging should be enabled in BUFFER.
Returns nil iff `erc-server-buffer-p' returns t."
......@@ -40,15 +40,13 @@
;; Use erc-connect-pre-hook instead of erc-mode-hook as pre-hook is
;; called AFTER the server buffer is initialized.
((add-hook 'erc-connect-pre-hook 'erc-spelling-init)
(mapc (lambda (buffer)
(when buffer
(with-current-buffer buffer (erc-spelling-init))))
(dolist (buffer (erc-buffer-list))
(when (buffer-live-p buffer)
(with-current-buffer buffer (erc-spelling-init)))))
((remove-hook 'erc-connect-pre-hook 'erc-spelling-init)
(mapc (lambda (buffer)
(when buffer
(with-current-buffer buffer (flyspell-mode 0))))
(dolist (buffer (erc-buffer-list))
(when (buffer-live-p buffer)
(with-current-buffer buffer (flyspell-mode 0))))))
(defcustom erc-spelling-dictionaries nil
"An alist mapping buffer names to dictionaries.
......@@ -67,7 +67,7 @@
;;; Code:
(defconst erc-version-string "Version 5.1.3"
(defconst erc-version-string "Version 5.1.4"
"ERC version. This is used by function `erc-version'.")
(eval-when-compile (require 'cl))
......@@ -1243,7 +1243,11 @@ With arg, turn ERC %S mode on if and only if arg is positive.
(format "erc-%s-mode"
(downcase (symbol-name alias)))))
;; For find-function and find-variable.
(put ',mode 'definition-name ',name)
(put ',enable 'definition-name ',name)
(put ',disable 'definition-name ',name))))
(put 'define-erc-module 'doc-string-elt 3)
......@@ -1388,8 +1392,8 @@ server buffer")
Defaults to the server buffer."
(with-current-buffer (erc-server-buffer)
(if (buffer-live-p erc-active-buffer)
(setq erc-active-buffer (current-buffer))))
(setq erc-active-buffer (current-buffer)))))
(defun erc-set-active-buffer (buffer)
"Set the value of `erc-active-buffer' to BUFFER."
2006-08-03 Michael Olson <>
* erc.texi: Update for ERC 5.1.4.
2006-08-01 Richard Stallman <>
* help.texi (Name Help): Add index entries for describe-variable.
......@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@
@syncodeindex fn cp
This manual is for ERC version 5.1.3.
This manual is for ERC version 5.1.4.
Copyright @copyright{} 2005, 2006 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
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