Commit 2e756d9b authored by Jay Belanger's avatar Jay Belanger
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(calc-embedded-word-regexp, calc-embedded-word-regexp-alist):

New variables.
(calc-embedded-open-word, calc-embedded-close-word)
(calc-embedded-open-close-word-alist): Remove unused variables.
parent c24d4826
......@@ -294,25 +294,18 @@
:value-type (list (regexp :tag "Opening formula delimiter")
(regexp :tag "Closing formula delimiter"))))
(defcustom calc-embedded-open-word
"*A regular expression for the opening delimiter of a formula used by calc-embedded-word."
(defcustom calc-embedded-word-regexp
"A regular expression determining a word for calc-embedded-word."
:group 'calc
:type '(regexp))
(defcustom calc-embedded-close-word
"*A regular expression for the closing delimiter of a formula used by calc-embedded-word."
:group 'calc
:type '(regexp))
(defcustom calc-embedded-open-close-word-alist
(defcustom calc-embedded-word-regexp-alist
"*Alist of major modes with pairs of word delimiters used by calc-embedded."
"*Alist of major modes with word regexps used by calc-embedded-word."
:group 'calc
:type '(alist :key-type (symbol :tag "Major mode")
:value-type (list (regexp :tag "Opening word delimiter")
(regexp :tag "Closing word delimiter"))))
:value-type (regexp :tag "Regexp for word")))
(defcustom calc-embedded-open-plain
"%%% "
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