Commit 2eb455ab authored by Martin Stjernholm's avatar Martin Stjernholm
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(c-style-alist, c-lang-variable-inits, c-lang-variable-inits-tail): The

values of these are changed, so declare them as variables and not constants.
parent 50fdde0e
......@@ -131,8 +131,10 @@
;; These are used to collect the init forms from the subsequent
;; `c-lang-defvar'. They are used to build the lambda in
;; `c-make-init-lang-vars-fun' below.
(defconst c-lang-variable-inits (list nil))
(defconst c-lang-variable-inits-tail c-lang-variable-inits))
(defvar c-lang-variable-inits nil)
(defvar c-lang-variable-inits-tail nil)
(setq c-lang-variable-inits (list nil)
c-lang-variable-inits-tail c-lang-variable-inits))
(defmacro c-lang-defvar (var val &optional doc)
"Declares the buffer local variable VAR to get the value VAL at mode
......@@ -50,8 +50,7 @@
(cc-bytecomp-defvar adaptive-fill-first-line-regexp) ; Emacs
;; Warning: don't eval-defun this constant or you'll break style inheritance.
(defconst c-style-alist
(defvar c-style-alist
(c-basic-offset . 2)
(c-comment-only-line-offset . (0 . 0))
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