Commit 2ec9c94e authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(combine-after-change-calls): New macro.

parent c2c5ed2c
......@@ -783,6 +783,24 @@ See also `with-temp-file' and `with-output-to-string'."
(kill-buffer nil)))))
(defmacro combine-after-change-calls (&rest body)
"Execute BODY, but don't call the after-change functions till the end.
If BODY makes changes in the buffer, they are recorded
and the functions on `after-change-functions' are called several times
when BODY is finished.
The return value is rthe value of the last form in BODY.
If `before-change-functions' is non-nil, then calls to the after-change
functions can't be deferred, so in that case this macro has no effect.
Do not alter `after-change-functions' or `before-change-functions'
in BODY."
(let ((combine-after-change-calls t))
. ,body)
(defvar save-match-data-internal)
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