Commit 2ed82a63 authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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(internal_resolve_face_name): Return a value.

(internal_resolve_face_name, resolve_face_name_error): Comment out.
parent fd0f53a9
......@@ -3224,12 +3224,13 @@ push_named_merge_point (struct named_merge_point *new_named_merge_point,
#if 0 /* Seems to be unused. */
static Lisp_Object
internal_resolve_face_name (nargs, args)
int nargs;
Lisp_Object *args;
Fget (args[0], args[1]);
return Fget (args[0], args[1]);
static Lisp_Object
......@@ -3238,6 +3239,7 @@ resolve_face_name_error (ignore)
return Qnil;
/* Resolve face name FACE_NAME. If FACE_NAME is a string, intern it
to make it a symbol. If FACE_NAME is an alias for another face,
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