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Delete extension language project. Add GNUstep. Move empire-builder.

State Fortran is in beta test.
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......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
@settitle GNU Task List
@set lastupdate 6 February 1995
@set lastupdate 31 March 1995
@c %**end of header
@setchapternewpage off
......@@ -169,6 +169,13 @@ distribution.
GNU @code{sed} probably needs to be rewritten completely just to make it
Work on the partially-implemented C interpreter project.
Help with the development of GNUstep, a GNU implementation of the
OpenStep specification.
Add features to GNU Make to record the precise rule with which each file
was last recompiled; then recompile any file if its rule in the makefile
......@@ -233,10 +240,6 @@ by the application program.
A "desktop" program with drag-and-drop icons and such.
An "empire builder" system that makes it easy to write various kinds of
simulation games.
A paint program, supporting both bitmap-oriented operations and
component-oriented operations. @code{xpaint} exists, but isn't very
......@@ -285,17 +288,6 @@ to start with an existing one and add the other features.
A general ledger program.
A single command language that could be suitable for use in a shell, in
GDB for programming debugging commands, in a program like @code{awk}, in
a calculator like @code{bc}, and so on. The fact that all these
programs are similar but different in peculiar details is a great source
of confusion. We are stuck with maintaining compatibility with Unix in
our shell, @code{awk}, and @code{bc}, but nothing prevents us from
having alternative programs using our new, uniform language. This would
make GNU far better for new users. Talk with @code{} if
you are interested in this project.
A program to typeset C code for printing.
For ideas on what to do, see the forthcoming book,
......@@ -377,13 +369,14 @@ alignments.
Volunteers are needed to write parsers/front ends for languages such as
Algol 60, Algol 68, PL/I, or whatever, to be used with the code
generation phases of the GNU C compiler. (C++ and Objective C are done,
and Ada, Fortran and Pascal are being worked on.
Fortran is now in beta test, and Ada and Pascal are being worked on.
@c Fortran status is here so gnu@prep and the volunteer coordinators
@c don't have to answer the question -len
The status of the Fortran compiler can be found by:
You can get the status of the Fortran front end with this command:
@code{finger -l})
finger -l
@end example
@node Games and Recreations
......@@ -396,6 +389,10 @@ Video-oriented games should work with the X window system.
Empire (there is a free version but it needs upgrading)
An ``empire builder'' system that makes it easy to write various kinds of
simulation games.
Imitations of popular video games:
......@@ -405,7 +402,7 @@ Space war, Asteroids, Pong, Columns.
Defending cities from missiles.
Plane shoots at lots of other planes.
Plane shoots at lots of other planes, tanks, etc.
Wizard fights fanciful monster.
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