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Conclude what can be done about headers, macros, and compiler switches.

What is left is missing and replaced functions provided by Emacs.
parent 9e821c83
......@@ -329,10 +329,15 @@ if test "${enableval}" != "no"; then
dnl The name of this option is unfortunate. It predates, and has no
dnl relation to, the "sampling-based elisp profiler" added in 24.3.
dnl Actually, it stops it working.
[build emacs with profiling support.
This might not work on all platforms])],
[build emacs with low-level, gprof profiling support.
Mainly useful for debugging Emacs itself. May not work on
all platforms. Stops profiler.el working.])],
if test x$ac_enable_profiling != x ; then
......@@ -718,6 +723,8 @@ else
nw="$nw -Wfloat-equal" # warns about high-quality code
nw="$nw -Winline" # OK to ignore 'inline'
nw="$nw -Wjump-misses-init" # We sometimes safely jump over init.
nw="$nw -Wstrict-overflow" # OK to optimize assuming that
# signed overflow has undefined behavior
nw="$nw -Wsync-nand" # irrelevant here, and provokes ObjC warning
nw="$nw -Wunsafe-loop-optimizations" # OK to suppress unsafe optimizations
......@@ -725,11 +732,23 @@ else
# <>.
nw="$nw -Wshadow"
# The following lines should be removable at some point.
nw="$nw -Wstack-protector"
nw="$nw -Wstrict-overflow"
# The following line should be removable at some point.
nw="$nw -Wsuggest-attribute=pure"
AC_MSG_CHECKING([whether to use -Wstack-protector])
[[#if (1 <= __LONG_MAX__ >> 31 >> 31 \
&& 4 < __GNUC__ + (7 < __GNUC_MINOR__ + (2 <= __GNUC_PATCHLEVEL__)))
/* OK */
#error "Not GCC, or GCC before 4.7.2, or 'long int' has < 64 bits."
nw="$nw -Wstack-protector"])
gl_MANYWARN_COMPLEMENT([ws], [$ws], [$nw])
for w in $ws; do
......@@ -1283,7 +1302,7 @@ fi
dnl checks for header files
linux/version.h sys/systeminfo.h
fcntl.h coff.h pty.h
coff.h pty.h
sys/vlimit.h sys/resource.h
sys/utsname.h pwd.h utmp.h util.h)
......@@ -3003,8 +3022,8 @@ AC_SUBST(BLESSMAIL_TARGET)
AC_CHECK_FUNCS(gethostname \
getrusage get_current_dir_name \
lrand48 \
fpathconf select getpagesize setlocale \
utimes getrlimit setrlimit getcwd shutdown getaddrinfo \
select getpagesize setlocale \
utimes getrlimit setrlimit shutdown getaddrinfo \
strsignal setitimer \
sendto recvfrom getsockname getpeername getifaddrs freeifaddrs \
gai_strerror mkstemp getline getdelim fsync sync \
......@@ -3013,14 +3032,6 @@ getpwent endpwent getgrent endgrent \
touchlock \
cfmakeraw cfsetspeed copysign __executable_start)
dnl getwd appears to be buggy on SVR4.2, so we don't use it.
if test $opsys = unixware; then
dnl In case some other test ends up checking for getwd.
AC_DEFINE(BROKEN_GETWD, 1, [Define if getwd should not be used.])
## Eric Backus <> says, HP-UX 9.x on HP 700 machines
## has a broken `rint' in some library versions including math library
## version number A.09.05.
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