Commit 2ef3551d authored by Colin Walters's avatar Colin Walters
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parent 52db9321
2002-03-07 Colin Walters <>
* ibuf-macs.el (define-ibuffer-column): Add :summarizer property.
* ibuffer.el (ibuffer-update-mode-name): Substitute "view time"
instead of "recency" for clarity.
(ibuffer-compile-format): Document more. Handle new "summarizer"
(ibuffer-fontify-region-function): Ditto.
(ibuffer-insert-buffer-line): Ditto.
(ibuffer-map-lines): Ditto.
(ibuffer-insert-buffers-and-marks): Ditto.
(ibuffer-update-title-and-summary): Renamed from
`ibuffer-update-title'. Handle "summarizer" columns.
(ibuffer-clear-summary-columns): New function.
* ibuf-ext.el (ibuffer-filter-format-alist): Add type and group.
(ibuffer-toggle-sorting-mode): Ditto.
2002-03-07 Gerd Moellmann <>
* progmodes/ebrowse.el (ebrowse-view/find-file-and-search-pattern):
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