Commit 2f13e358 authored by YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu's avatar YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu
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Don't define or bind scroll bar functions if

x-toolkit-scroll-bars is t.
(x-select-text, x-get-selection-value): Clear
x-last-selected-text-clipboard if x-select-enable-clipboard is
(PRIMARY): Put mac-scrap-name property.
(mac-select-convert-to-file-url): New function.
(public.file-url): New selection target type.  Add to
(x-get-selection, x-selection-value): Handle it.
(x-cut-buffer-or-selection-value): New alias.
parent 31640842
......@@ -1168,7 +1168,8 @@ This is in addition to the primary selection."
(defun x-select-text (text &optional push)
(x-set-selection 'PRIMARY text)
(setq x-last-selected-text-primary text)
(when x-select-enable-clipboard
(if (not x-select-enable-clipboard)
(setq x-last-selected-text-clipboard nil)
(x-set-selection 'CLIPBOARD text)
(setq x-last-selected-text-clipboard text))
......@@ -1203,20 +1204,26 @@ in `selection-converter-alist', which see."
(setq data
(decode-coding-string data 'utf-16)))))
((eq data-type '
(setq data (decode-coding-string data coding))))
(setq data (decode-coding-string data coding)))
((eq data-type 'public.file-url)
(setq data (decode-coding-string data 'utf-8))
;; Remove a trailing nul character.
(let ((len (length data)))
(if (and (> len 0) (= (aref data (1- len)) ?\0))
(setq data (substring data 0 (1- len)))))))
(put-text-property 0 (length data) 'foreign-selection data-type data))
(defun x-selection-value (type)
(let (text tiff-image)
(setq text (condition-case nil
(x-get-selection type 'public.utf16-plain-text)
(error nil)))
(if (not text)
(setq text (condition-case nil
(x-get-selection type
(error nil))))
(let ((data-types '(public.utf16-plain-text
text tiff-image)
(while (and (null text) data-types)
(setq text (condition-case nil
(x-get-selection type (car data-types))
(error nil)))
(setq data-types (cdr data-types)))
(if text
(remove-text-properties 0 (length text) '(foreign-selection nil) text))
(setq tiff-image (condition-case nil
......@@ -1237,7 +1244,8 @@ in `selection-converter-alist', which see."
;;; selection won't be added to the kill ring over and over.
(defun x-get-selection-value ()
(let (clip-text primary-text)
(when x-select-enable-clipboard
(if (not x-select-enable-clipboard)
(setq x-last-selected-text-clipboard nil)
(setq clip-text (x-selection-value 'CLIPBOARD))
(if (string= clip-text "") (setq clip-text nil))
......@@ -1286,11 +1294,14 @@ in `selection-converter-alist', which see."
(put 'CLIPBOARD 'mac-scrap-name "")
(if (eq system-type 'darwin)
(put 'FIND 'mac-scrap-name ""))
(when (eq system-type 'darwin)
(put 'FIND 'mac-scrap-name "")
(put 'PRIMARY 'mac-scrap-name
(format "org.gnu.Emacs.%d.selection.PRIMARY" (emacs-pid))))
(put ' 'mac-ostype "TEXT")
(put 'public.utf16-plain-text 'mac-ostype "utxt")
(put 'public.tiff 'mac-ostype "TIFF")
(put 'public.file-url 'mac-ostype "furl")
(defun mac-select-convert-to-string (selection type value)
(let ((str (cdr (xselect-convert-to-string selection nil value)))
......@@ -1326,6 +1337,16 @@ in `selection-converter-alist', which see."
(setq next-selection-coding-system nil)
(cons type str))))
(defun mac-select-convert-to-file-url (selection type value)
(let ((filename (xselect-convert-to-filename selection type value))
(coding (or file-name-coding-system default-file-name-coding-system)))
(if (and filename coding)
(setq filename (encode-coding-string filename coding)))
(and filename
(concat "file://localhost"
(mapconcat 'url-hexify-string
(split-string filename "/") "/")))))
(setq selection-converter-alist
'((public.utf16-plain-text . mac-select-convert-to-string)
......@@ -1333,6 +1354,7 @@ in `selection-converter-alist', which see."
;; This is not enabled by default because the `Import Image'
;; menu makes Emacs crash or hang for unknown reasons.
;; (public.tiff . nil)
(public.file-url . mac-select-convert-to-file-url)
......@@ -1702,6 +1724,7 @@ ascii:-*-Monaco-*-*-*-*-12-*-*-*-*-*-mac-roman")
(setq interprogram-cut-function 'x-select-text)
(setq interprogram-paste-function 'x-get-selection-value)
(defalias 'x-cut-buffer-or-selection-value 'x-get-selection-value)
;;; Turn off window-splitting optimization; Mac is usually fast enough
;;; that this is only annoying.
......@@ -1756,7 +1779,9 @@ Switch to a buffer editing the last file dropped."
'(lambda ()
(defvar mac-ready-for-drag-n-drop t)))
;;;; Scroll bars
;;;; Non-toolkit Scroll bars
(unless x-toolkit-scroll-bars
;; for debugging
;; (defun mac-handle-scroll-bar-event (event) (interactive "e") (princ event))
......@@ -1816,6 +1841,7 @@ Switch to a buffer editing the last file dropped."
(scroll-up 1)))
;;;; Others
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