Commit 2f4b4c85 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii

Fix display of Hebrew text with precomposed characters

* lisp/language/hebrew.el (base): Include precomposed
Hebrew characters from the Alphabetic Presentation Forms in
the composition patterns.  (Bug#36171)
parent 52305bcb
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......@@ -238,8 +238,9 @@ Bidirectional editing is supported.")))
(setq idx (1+ idx)))))))
(let* ((base "[\u05D0-\u05F2]")
(combining "[\u0591-\u05BD\u05BF\u05C1-\u05C2\u05C4-\u05C5\u05C7]+")
(let* ((base "[\u05D0-\u05F2\uFB1D\uFB1F-\uFB28\uFB2A-\uFB4F]")
(pattern1 (concat base combining))
(pattern2 (concat base "\u200D" combining)))
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