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2001-01-04 Gerd Moellmann <>
* tooltip.el (tooltip-cancel-delayed-tip)
(tooltip-start-delayed-tip): Renamed from tooltip-disable-timeout
and tooltip-add-timeout.
(tooltip-show): Set border color from faces's foreground.
(tooltip-show-help-function): If called with the same help string
as last time, do nothing.
(tooltip-help-tips): Don't set tooltip-help-message to nil.
* startup.el (fancy-splash-screens): Don't bind show-help-function
to nil.
......@@ -102,7 +110,7 @@
* ps-print.el: Handle form feed better when ps-zebra-stripe-follow is
non-nil. Adding almost all customization variables on ps-setup. Doc
(ps-print-version): New version number (6.3.3).
(ps-end-with-control-d): Initialization fix.
(ps-lines-printed): New var.
2001-01-04 Gerd Moellmann <>
* xterm.c (clear_mouse_face): Don't return if tip_frame is
* xfns.c (x_create_tip_frame): Preserve the value of
face_change_count around the creation of the tip frame.
* xfns.c (last_show_tip_args): New variable.
(compute_tip_xy): New function.
(Fx_show_tip): Reuse an existing tip frame, if possible.
(syms_of_xfns): Initialize and staticpro last_show_tip_args.
2001-01-04 Dave Love <>
* systime.h (set_file_times): Prototype.
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