Commit 2f9a87f5 authored by Dan Nicolaescu's avatar Dan Nicolaescu
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(makefile-mode-abbrev-table): Add menu

entries and add :help to the existing ones.
parent c3efd659
2008-03-10 Dan Nicolaescu <>
* progmodes/make-mode.el (makefile-mode-abbrev-table): Add menu
entries and add :help to the existing ones.
2008-03-10 Glenn Morris <>
* calendar/cal-hebrew.el (date, entry, number): Move declarations
......@@ -582,7 +582,8 @@ The function must satisfy this calling convention:
(define-abbrev-table 'makefile-mode-abbrev-table ()))
(defvar makefile-mode-map
(let ((map (make-sparse-keymap)))
(let ((map (make-sparse-keymap))
(opt-map (make-sparse-keymap)))
;; set up the keymap
(define-key map "\C-c:" 'makefile-insert-target-ref)
(if makefile-electric-keys
......@@ -612,17 +613,64 @@ The function must satisfy this calling convention:
(define-key map [menu-bar makefile-mode]
(cons "Makefile" (make-sparse-keymap "Makefile")))
(define-key map [menu-bar makefile-mode makefile-type]
(cons "Switch Makefile Type" opt-map))
(define-key opt-map [makefile-makepp-mode]
'(menu-item "Makepp" makefile-makepp-mode
:help "An adapted `makefile-mode' that knows about makepp"
:button (:radio . (eq major-mode 'makefile-makepp-mode))))
(define-key opt-map [makefile-imake-mode]
'(menu-item "Imake" makefile-imake-mode
:help "An adapted `makefile-mode' that knows about imake"
:button (:radio . (eq major-mode 'makefile-imake-mode))))
(define-key opt-map [makefile-mode]
'(menu-item "Classic" makefile-mode
:help "`makefile-mode' with no special functionality"
:button (:radio . (eq major-mode 'makefile-mode))))
(define-key opt-map [makefile-bsdmake-mode]
'(menu-item "BSD" makefile-bsdmake-mode
:help "An adapted `makefile-mode' that knows about BSD make"
:button (:radio . (eq major-mode 'makefile-bsdmake-mode))))
(define-key opt-map [makefile-automake-mode]
'(menu-item "Automake" makefile-automake-mode
:help "An adapted `makefile-mode' that knows about automake"
:button (:radio . (eq major-mode 'makefile-automake-mode))))
(define-key opt-map [makefile-gmake-mode]
'(menu-item "GNU make" makefile-gmake-mode
:help "An adapted `makefile-mode' that knows about GNU make"
:button (:radio . (eq major-mode 'makefile-gmake-mode))))
(define-key map [menu-bar makefile-mode browse]
'("Pop up Makefile Browser" . makefile-switch-to-browser))
(define-key map [menu-bar makefile-mode complete]
'("Complete Target or Macro" . makefile-complete))
'(menu-item "Pop up Makefile Browser" makefile-switch-to-browser
;; XXX: this needs a better string, the function is not documented...
:help "Pop up Makefile Browser"))
(define-key map [menu-bar makefile-mode overview]
'(menu-item "Up To Date Overview" makefile-create-up-to-date-overview
:help "Create a buffer containing an overview of the state of all known targets"))
;; Target related
(define-key map [menu-bar makefile-mode separator1] '("----"))
(define-key map [menu-bar makefile-mode pickup-file]
'(menu-item "Pick File Name as Target" makefile-pickup-filenames-as-targets
:help "Scan the current directory for filenames to use as targets"))
(define-key map [menu-bar makefile-mode function]
'(menu-item "Insert GNU make function" makefile-insert-gmake-function
:help "Insert a GNU make function call"))
(define-key map [menu-bar makefile-mode pickup]
'("Find Targets and Macros" . makefile-pickup-everything))
'(menu-item "Find Targets and Macros" makefile-pickup-everything
:help "Notice names of all macros and targets in Makefile"))
(define-key map [menu-bar makefile-mode complete]
'(menu-item "Complete Target or Macro" makefile-complete
:help "Perform completion on Makefile construct preceding point"))
(define-key map [menu-bar makefile-mode backslash]
'(menu-item "Backslash Region" makefile-backslash-region
:help "Insert, align, or delete end-of-line backslashes on the lines in the region"))
;; Motion
(define-key map [menu-bar makefile-mode separator] '("----"))
(define-key map [menu-bar makefile-mode prev]
'("Move to Previous Dependency" . makefile-previous-dependency))
'(menu-item "Move to Previous Dependency" makefile-previous-dependency
:help "Move point to the beginning of the previous dependency line"))
(define-key map [menu-bar makefile-mode next]
'("Move to Next Dependency" . makefile-next-dependency))
'(menu-item "Move to Next Dependency" makefile-next-dependency
:help "Move point to the beginning of the next dependency line"))
"The keymap that is used in Makefile mode.")
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