Commit 2fac775a authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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* src/buffer.c (syms_of_buffer) <major-mode>: Doc fix.

Remove comments that do not apply since 2005-08-09.  (Bug#22349)
parent 0ed0a9b7
......@@ -5630,13 +5630,7 @@ Decimal digits after the % specify field width to which to pad. */);
doc: /* Symbol for current buffer's major mode.
The default value (normally `fundamental-mode') affects new buffers.
A value of nil means to use the current buffer's major mode, provided
it is not marked as "special".
When a mode is used by default, `find-file' switches to it before it
reads the contents into the buffer and before it finishes setting up
the buffer. Thus, the mode and its hooks should not expect certain
variables such as `buffer-read-only' and `buffer-file-coding-system'
to be set up. */);
it is not marked as "special". */);
DEFVAR_PER_BUFFER ("mode-name", &BVAR (current_buffer, mode_name),
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