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(C-SPC fails ...): Add description for fcitx.

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2006-04-11 Kenichi Handa <>
* PROBLEMS (C-SPC fails ...): Add description for fcitx.
2006-04-10 Bill Wohler <>
* NEWS: Add package-version keyword to `defcustom' and mention
......@@ -991,7 +991,7 @@ xmodmap command to the xdm setup script for that display.
Use the shell command `xset bc' to make the old X Menu package work.
*** C-SPC fails to work on Fedora GNU/Linux.
*** C-SPC fails to work on Fedora GNU/Linux (or with some input method).
Fedora Core 4 steals the C-SPC key by default for the `iiimx' program
which is the input method for some languages. It blocks Emacs users
......@@ -1005,6 +1005,12 @@ Another is to specify `Emacs*useXIM: false' in your X resources.
Another is to build Emacs with the `--without-xim' configure option.
The same problem happens on any other system if you are using fcitx
(Chinese input method) which by default use C-SPC for toggling. If
you want to use fcitx with Emacs, you have two choices. Toggle fcitx
by another key (e.g. C-\) by modifying ~/.fcitx/config, or be
accustomed to use C-@ for `set-mark-command'.
*** M-SPC seems to be ignored as input.
See if your X server is set up to use this as a command
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