Commit 2fc9d9f4 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(help): New alias.

(help-for-help): Mention help character.
(help-quit): New command.
(help-map): Bind `q'.
parent 5ef470be
......@@ -77,6 +77,12 @@
(define-key help-map "v" 'describe-variable)
(define-key help-map "q" 'help-quit)
(defun help-quit ()
(defun help-with-tutorial ()
"Select the Emacs learn-by-doing tutorial."
......@@ -259,10 +265,12 @@ of the key sequence that ran this command."
(insert "\n")))
(defalias 'help 'help-for-help)
(make-help-screen help-for-help
"a b c f C-f i k C-k l m n p s t v w C-c C-d C-n C-w, or ? for more help:"
"You have typed \\[help-command], the help character. Type a Help option:
\(Use \\<help-map>\\[scroll-up] or \\[scroll-down] to scroll through this text.)
\(Use \\<help-map>\\[scroll-up] or \\[scroll-down] to scroll through this text.
Type \\<help-map>\\[help-quit] to exit the Help command.)
a command-apropos. Give a substring, and see a list of commands
(functions interactively callable) that contain
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