Commit 2fcea188 authored by Jim Blandy's avatar Jim Blandy
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* syntax.c (Fmodify_syntax_entry): Doc fix.

parent c7b14277
......@@ -230,7 +230,7 @@ are listed in the documentation of `modify-syntax-entry'.")
for make-docfile to see. We cannot put this in the real DEFUN
due to limits in the Unix cpp.
DEFUN ("modify-syntax-entry", foo, bar, 0, 0, 0,
DEFUN ("modify-syntax-entry", foo, bar, 2, 3, 0,
"Set syntax for character CHAR according to string S.\n\
The syntax is changed only for table TABLE, which defaults to\n\
the current buffer's syntax table.\n\
......@@ -263,7 +263,7 @@ this flag:\n\
p means C is a prefix character for `backward-prefix-chars';\n\
such characters are treated as whitespace when they occur\n\
between expressions.")
(char, s, table)
DEFUN ("modify-syntax-entry", Fmodify_syntax_entry, Smodify_syntax_entry, 2, 3,
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