Commit 2fe85227 authored by Dave Love's avatar Dave Love
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Provide `mldrag' for compatibility.

(mldrag-drag-mode-line, mldrag-drag-vertical-line): New aliases,
marked obsolete.
parent 24fad2a2
......@@ -2026,4 +2026,11 @@ and selects that window."
(provide 'mouse)
;; This file contains the functionality of the old mldrag.el.
(defalias 'mldrag-drag-mode-line 'mouse-drag-mode-line)
(defalias 'mldrag-drag-vertical-line 'mouse-drag-vertical-line)
(make-obsolete 'mldrag-drag-mode-line 'mouse-drag-mode-line)
(make-obsolete 'mldrag-drag-vertical-line 'mouse-drag-vertical-line)
(provide 'mldrag)
;;; mouse.el ends here
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