Commit 2febf6e0 authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann
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(struct glyph_row): Add overlapping_p.

(struct glyph_row): Add flag overlapped_p.
(struct redisplay_interface): Add
(struct glyph): Add overlaps_vertically_p.
(struct glyph_row): Add phys_ascent and
(struct it): Add phys_ascent, phys_descent, max_phys_ascent,
parent 413e06a4
......@@ -262,6 +262,11 @@ struct glyph
unsigned left_box_line_p : 1;
unsigned right_box_line_p : 1;
/* Non-zero means this glyph's physical ascent or descent is greater
than its logical ascent/descent, i.e. it may potentially overlap
glyphs above or below it. */
unsigned overlaps_vertically_p : 1;
/* A union of sub-structures for different glyph types. */
......@@ -563,10 +568,15 @@ struct glyph_row
end of the row into account. */
int pixel_width;
/* Height information. The value of ascent is zero and height is 1
on terminal frames. */
/* Logical ascent/height of this line. The value of ascent is zero
and height is 1 on terminal frames. */
int ascent, height;
/* Physical ascent/height of this line. If max_ascent > ascent,
this line overlaps the line above it on the display. Otherwise,
if max_height > height, this line overlaps the line beneath it. */
int phys_ascent, phys_height;
/* Portion of row that is visible. Partially visible rows may be
found at the top and bottom of a window. This is 1 for tty
frames. It may be < 0 in case of completely invisible rows. */
......@@ -639,6 +649,12 @@ struct glyph_row
/* Non-zero means row is a mode or top-line. */
unsigned mode_line_p : 1;
/* 1 in a current row means this row is overlapped by another row. */
unsigned overlapped_p : 1;
/* 1 in a current row means this row overlaps others. */
unsigned overlapping_p : 1;
/* Continuation lines width at the start of the row. */
int continuation_lines_width;
......@@ -778,7 +794,17 @@ struct glyph_row *matrix_row P_ ((struct glyph_matrix *, int));
|| ((ROW)->start.overlay_string_index >= 0 \
&& (ROW)->start.string_pos.charpos > 0))
/* Non-zero means ROW overlaps its predecessor. */
((ROW)->phys_ascent > (ROW)->ascent)
/* Non-zero means ROW overlaps its successor. */
((ROW)->phys_height - (ROW)->phys_ascent \
> (ROW)->height - (ROW)->ascent)
/* Non-zero means that fonts have been loaded since the last glyph
matrix adjustments. The function redisplay_internal adjusts glyph
matrices when this flag is non-zero. */
......@@ -1638,9 +1664,10 @@ struct it
produce_glyphs. */
int pixel_width;
/* Current and maximum line height information. Result of
produce_glyphs. */
/* Current, maximum logical, and maximum physical line height
information. Result of produce_glyphs. */
int ascent, descent, max_ascent, max_descent;
int phys_ascent, phys_descent, max_phys_ascent, max_phys_descent;
/* Current x pixel position within the display line. This value
does not include the width of continuation lines in front of the
......@@ -1781,6 +1808,12 @@ struct redisplay_interface
frame F. */
void (*get_glyph_overhangs) P_ ((struct glyph *glyph, struct frame *f,
int *left, int *right));
/* Fix the display of AREA of ROW in window W for overlapping rows.
This function is called from redraw_overlapping_rows after
desired rows have been made current. */
void (*fix_overlapping_area) P_ ((struct window *w, struct glyph_row *row,
enum glyph_row_area area));
/* The current interface for window-based redisplay. */
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