Commit 300f994a authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(byte-compile-if): Guard the else-clause too.

parent 2b632b16
......@@ -3409,7 +3409,8 @@ warnings during execution of BODY."
(byte-compile-form (nth 2 form) for-effect))
(byte-compile-goto 'byte-goto donetag)
(byte-compile-out-tag elsetag)
(byte-compile-body (cdr (cdr (cdr form))) for-effect)
(byte-compile-maybe-guarded (list 'not clause)
(byte-compile-body (cdr (cdr (cdr form))) for-effect))
(byte-compile-out-tag donetag))))
(setq for-effect nil))
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