Commit 301514f2 authored by Artur Malabarba's avatar Artur Malabarba

* lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el: Fix priority-hiding corner case

(package-menu--refresh): Delegate obsolete-hiding to
(package--remove-hidden): Disregard high-priority package if it is
older than the installed one.
parent 25166a91
......@@ -2499,29 +2499,43 @@ Installed obsolete packages are always displayed.")
(defun package--remove-hidden (pkg-list)
"Filter PKG-LIST according to `package-archive-priorities'.
PKG-LIST must be a list of package-desc objects sorted by
decreasing version number.
PKG-LIST must be a list of package-desc objects, all with the
same name, sorted by decreasing `package-desc-priority-version'.
Return a list of packages tied for the highest priority according
to their archives."
(when pkg-list
;; The first is a variable toggled with
;; `package-menu-hide-obsolete', the second is a static user
;; option that defines *what* we hide.
(if (and package-menu--hide-obsolete
(let ((max-priority (package-desc-priority (car pkg-list)))
(out (list (pop pkg-list))))
(dolist (p pkg-list (nreverse out))
(let ((priority (package-desc-priority p)))
((> priority max-priority)
(setq max-priority priority)
(setq out (list p)))
;; This assumes pkg-list is sorted by version number.
((and (= priority max-priority)
(eq package-menu-hide-low-priority 'archive))
(push p out))))))
;; Variable toggled with `package-menu-hide-obsolete'.
(if (not package-menu--hide-obsolete)
(let ((installed (cadr (assq (package-desc-name (car pkg-list))
(when installed
(setq pkg-list
(let ((ins-version (package-desc-version installed)))
(cl-remove-if (lambda (p) (version-list-< (package-desc-version p)
(let ((filtered-by-priority
((not package-menu-hide-low-priority)
((eq package-menu-hide-low-priority 'archive)
(let* ((max-priority most-negative-fixnum)
(while pkg-list
(let ((p (pop pkg-list)))
(if (>= (package-desc-priority p) max-priority)
(push p out)
(setq pkg-list nil))))
(nreverse out)))
(list (car pkg-list))))))
(if (not installed)
(let ((ins-version (package-desc-version installed)))
(cl-remove-if (lambda (p) (version-list-= (package-desc-version p)
(defun package-menu--refresh (&optional packages keywords)
"Re-populate the `tabulated-list-entries'.
......@@ -2550,15 +2564,12 @@ KEYWORDS should be nil or a list of keywords."
;; Available and disabled packages:
(dolist (elt package-archive-contents)
(setq name (car elt))
(when (or (eq packages t) (memq name packages))
(dolist (pkg (package--remove-hidden (cdr elt)))
;; Hide available obsolete packages.
(when (and (not (and package-menu--hide-obsolete
(package-installed-p (package-desc-name pkg)
(package-desc-version pkg))))
(package--has-keyword-p pkg keywords))
(package--push pkg (package-desc-status pkg) info-list)))))
(let ((name (car elt)))
(when (or (eq packages t) (memq name packages))
;; Hide available-obsolete or low-priority packages.
(dolist (pkg (package--remove-hidden (cdr elt)))
(when (package--has-keyword-p pkg keywords)
(package--push pkg (package-desc-status pkg) info-list))))))
;; Print the result.
(setq tabulated-list-entries
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