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2006-12-17 Richard Stallman <>
* TUTORIAL: Say that C-d and DEL with arg do killing.
2006-12-16 Eli Zaretskii <>
* PROBLEMS: Document problems with rebasing Cygwin DLLs.
......@@ -5,6 +5,10 @@
2006-12-17 Richard Stallman <>
* simple.el (delete-horizontal-space): Use prefix arg.
* help-fns.el (describe-variable): Improve blank separator lines.
* files.el (magic-mode-alist): Mark as risky.
* files.el (make-backup-file-name-1):
2006-12-17 Richard Stallman <>
* loading.texi (Named Features): Explain subfeatures better.
* customize.texi: Use "option" only for user options.
For the keyword values inside defcustom etc, say "keywords".
For :options value's elements, say "elements".
:group should not be omitted.
* syntax.texi (Parsing Expressions): Split up node.
(Motion via Parsing, Position Parse, Parser State)
(Low-Level Parsing, Control Parsing): New subnodes.
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