Commit 30585116 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman

(gulp-search-path, gulp-packages): Variable deleted.

(gulp-send-requests): Make the list of packages from scratch here.
Read directory name with the minibuffer.
parent 3ecaf18e
......@@ -30,38 +30,33 @@
;;; Code:
(defvar gulp-search-path (concat source-directory "lisp/")
"*The search path for the packages to request updates of.")
(defvar gulp-discard "^;+ *Maintainer: *FSF *$"
"*The regexp matching the packages not requiring the request for updates.")
(defvar gulp-packages (directory-files gulp-search-path nil "\\.el$" t)
"The list of files to consider.")
(defvar gulp-tmp-buffer " *gulp*" "The name of the temporary buffer.")
(defvar gulp-max-len 2000
"*All the interecting info should be among characters 1 through gulp-max-len.")
"*Distance into a Lisp source file to scan for keywords.")
(defvar gulp-request-header
"This message was created automatically.
Apparently, you are the maintainer of the following package(s):\n\n"
"*The first line of the mesage.")
"*Text to use at the start of a message sent to request updates.")
(defvar gulp-request-end
"\nIf your copy is newer than mine, please email me the patches ASAP.\n\n"
"*The punch line.")
"*Text to add at the end of a message sent to request updates.")
(defun gulp-send-requests ()
"Send requests for updates to the authors of the packages.
Consider each file in `gulp-packages;.
(defun gulp-send-requests (dir)
"Send requests for updates to the authors of Lisp packages in directory DIR.
The prepared message consists of `gulp-request-header', followed by the
list of packages with modification times, concluded with `gulp-request-end'.
You will NOT be given an opportunity to edit the message, only to send or cancel.
You can't edit the message, but you can confirm whether to send it.
The list of rejected addresses will be put into `gulp-tmp-buffer'."
(let (mail-setup-hook msg node (m-p-alist aaaa)) ;; (gulp-create-m-p-alist gulp-packages)))
(interactive "DRequest updates for Lisp directory: ")
(let ((m-p-alist (gulp-create-m-p-alist
(directory-files dir nil "\\.el$" t)))
mail-setup-hook msg node)
(while (setq node (car m-p-alist))
(setq msg (gulp-create-message (cdr node)))
(setq mail-setup-hook '(lambda () (goto-char (point-max)) (insert msg)))
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