Commit 3062f81d authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier

* lisp/progmodes/compile.el: Allow 'line' functions in error-regexp-alist

(compilation-error-properties): Allow 'line' and 'end-line' to be functions,
like 'col' and 'end-col'.
(compilation-error-regexp-alist): Document this.
(compilation-parse-errors): Drop support for old undocumented feature
where 'line' was a function of 2 arguments.
(compilation--compat-error-properties): Delete function.
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......@@ -385,6 +385,10 @@ current and the previous or the next line, as before.
* Changes in Specialized Modes and Packages in Emacs 27.1
** compile.el
*** In compilation-error-regexp-alist, 'line' (and 'end-line') can be functions
** cl-lib
*** cl-defstruct has a new :noinline argument to prevent inlining its functions
......@@ -1272,6 +1276,9 @@ documentation of the new mode and its commands.
* Incompatible Lisp Changes in Emacs 27.1
** In compilation-error-regexp-alist the old undocumented feature where 'line'
could be a function of 2 arguments has been dropped.
** 'define-fringe-bitmap' is always defined, even when Emacs is built
without any GUI support.
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