Commit 3062f81d authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier

* lisp/progmodes/compile.el: Allow 'line' functions in error-regexp-alist

(compilation-error-properties): Allow 'line' and 'end-line' to be functions,
like 'col' and 'end-col'.
(compilation-error-regexp-alist): Document this.
(compilation-parse-errors): Drop support for old undocumented feature
where 'line' was a function of 2 arguments.
(compilation--compat-error-properties): Delete function.
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......@@ -385,6 +385,10 @@ current and the previous or the next line, as before.
* Changes in Specialized Modes and Packages in Emacs 27.1
** compile.el
*** In compilation-error-regexp-alist, 'line' (and 'end-line') can be functions
** cl-lib
*** cl-defstruct has a new :noinline argument to prevent inlining its functions
......@@ -1272,6 +1276,9 @@ documentation of the new mode and its commands.
* Incompatible Lisp Changes in Emacs 27.1
** In compilation-error-regexp-alist the old undocumented feature where 'line'
could be a function of 2 arguments has been dropped.
** 'define-fringe-bitmap' is always defined, even when Emacs is built
without any GUI support.
......@@ -558,7 +558,11 @@ of lines. COLUMN can also be of the form (COLUMN . END-COLUMN)
meaning a range of columns starting on LINE and ending on
END-LINE, if that matched.
TYPE is 2 or nil for a real error or 1 for warning or 0 for info.
LINE, END-LINE, COL, and END-COL can also be functions of no argument
that return the corresponding line or column number. They can assume REGEXP
has just been matched, and should correspondingly preserve this match data.
f/usr/shaTYPE is 2 or nil for a real error or 1 for warning or 0 for info.
TYPE can also be of the form (WARNING . INFO). In that case this
will be equivalent to 1 if the WARNING'th subexpression matched
or else equivalent to 0 if the INFO'th subexpression matched.
......@@ -1105,23 +1109,27 @@ POS and RES.")
(setq file '("*unknown*")))))
;; All of these fields are optional, get them only if we have an index, and
;; it matched some part of the message.
(setq line
(if (functionp line) (funcall line)
(and line
(setq line (match-string-no-properties line))
(setq line (string-to-number line)))
(string-to-number line))))
(setq end-line
(if (functionp end-line) (funcall end-line)
(and end-line
(setq end-line (match-string-no-properties end-line))
(setq end-line (string-to-number end-line)))
(if col
(if (functionp col)
(setq col (funcall col))
(string-to-number end-line))))
(setq col
(if (functionp col) (funcall col)
(and col
(setq col (match-string-no-properties col))
(setq col (string-to-number col)))))
(if (and end-col (functionp end-col))
(setq end-col (funcall end-col))
(if (and end-col (setq end-col (match-string-no-properties end-col)))
(setq end-col (- (string-to-number end-col) -1))
(if end-line (setq end-col -1))))
(string-to-number col))))
(setq end-col
(or (if (functionp end-col) (funcall end-col)
(and end-col
(setq end-col (match-string-no-properties end-col))
(- (string-to-number end-col) -1)))
(and end-line -1)))
(if (consp type) ; not a static type, check what it is.
(setq type (or (and (car type) (match-end (car type)) 1)
(and (cdr type) (match-end (cdr type)) 0)
......@@ -1370,28 +1378,6 @@ to `compilation-error-regexp-alist' if RULES is nil."
(if (consp line) (setq end-line (cdr line) line (car line)))
(if (consp col) (setq end-col (cdr col) col (car col)))
(if (functionp line)
;; The old compile.el had here an undocumented hook that
;; allowed `line' to be a function that computed the actual
;; error location. Let's do our best.
(goto-char start)
(while (re-search-forward pat end t)
(when compilation-debug
(match-beginning 0) (match-end 0)
'compilation-debug (vector 'functionp item)))
(match-beginning 0) (match-end 0)
(funcall line (cons (match-string file)
(cons default-directory
(nthcdr 4 item)))
(if col (match-string col))))))
file 'font-lock-face compilation-error-face)))
(unless (or (null (nth 5 item)) (integerp (nth 5 item)))
(error "HYPERLINK should be an integer: %s" (nth 5 item)))
......@@ -1455,7 +1441,7 @@ to `compilation-error-regexp-alist' if RULES is nil."
(cddr props))
(match-beginning mn) (match-end mn)
'font-lock-face (cadr props)))))))))
'font-lock-face (cadr props))))))))
(defvar compilation--parsed -1)
(make-variable-buffer-local 'compilation--parsed)
......@@ -2837,29 +2823,6 @@ TRUE-DIRNAME is the `file-truename' of DIRNAME, if given."
(defvar compilation-error-list nil)
(defvar compilation-old-error-list nil)
(defun compilation--compat-error-properties (err)
"Map old-style error ERR to new-style message."
;; Old-style structure is (MARKER (FILE DIR) LINE COL) or
(let ((dst (cdr err)))
(if (markerp dst)
`(compilation-message ,(compilation--make-message
(cons nil (compilation--make-cdrloc
nil nil dst))
2 nil)
help-echo "mouse-2: visit the source location"
keymap compilation-button-map
mouse-face highlight)
;; Too difficult to do it by hand: dispatch to the normal code.
(let* ((file (pop dst))
(line (pop dst))
(col (pop dst))
(filename (pop file))
(dirname (pop file))
(fmt (pop file)))
(cons filename dirname) line nil col nil 2 fmt)))))
(defun compilation--compat-parse-errors (limit)
(when compilation-parse-errors-function
;; FIXME: We should remove the rest of the compilation keywords
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