Commit 307436bb authored by Jim Blandy's avatar Jim Blandy
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* ymakefile (all, xemacs): We build an executable called `emacs' now,

	not `xemacs'.
	* (distclean, xemacs, doxemacs): Same.
parent 70f5352e
......@@ -29,18 +29,18 @@ doall: xmakefile
#This is used in making a distribution.
#Do not use it on development directories!
-rm -f paths.h config.h emacs-* temacs xemacs xmakefile core *.o
-rm -f paths.h config.h emacs-* temacs emacs xmakefile core *.o
-rm -f temacs xemacs prefix-args xmakefile* core \#* *.o
-rm -f temacs emacs prefix-args xmakefile* core \#* *.o
extraclean: distclean
-rm -f *~ \#* m/*~ s/*~
xemacs: doxemacs
emacs: doemacs
doxemacs: xmakefile
$(MAKE) CC='${CC}' -f xmakefile ${MFLAGS} xemacs
doemacs: xmakefile
$(MAKE) CC='${CC}' -f xmakefile ${MFLAGS} emacs
temacs: dotemacs
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