Commit 30971bf9 authored by Juri Linkov's avatar Juri Linkov
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(Man-heading-regexp): Add 0-9.

(Man-first-heading-regexp): Remove leading space [ \t]* before NAME.
parent 0df5538d
......@@ -264,14 +264,17 @@ the associated section number."
"(\\(" Man-section-regexp "\\))\\).*\\1"))
"Regular expression describing the heading of a page.")
(defvar Man-heading-regexp "^\\([A-Z][A-Z /-]+\\)$"
(defvar Man-heading-regexp "^\\([A-Z][A-Z0-9 /-]+\\)$"
"Regular expression describing a manpage heading entry.")
(defvar Man-see-also-regexp "SEE ALSO"
"Regular expression for SEE ALSO heading (or your equivalent).
This regexp should not start with a `^' character.")
(defvar Man-first-heading-regexp "^[ \t]*NAME$\\|^[ \t]*No manual entry fo.*$"
;; This used to have leading space [ \t]*, but was removed because it
;; causes false page splits on an occasional NAME with leading space
;; inside a manpage. And `Man-heading-regexp' doesn't have [ \t]* anyway.
(defvar Man-first-heading-regexp "^NAME$\\|^[ \t]*No manual entry fo.*$"
"Regular expression describing first heading on a manpage.
This regular expression should start with a `^' character.")
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