Commit 30ab4580 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris

(org-agenda-align-tags): Replace use of cl `adjoin'.

parent fc012771
......@@ -4984,12 +4984,12 @@ the new TODO state."
(if line (point-at-eol) nil) t)
(match-beginning 2) (match-end 2)
(list 'face (delq nil (adjoin 'org-tag
(let ((prop (get-text-property
(match-beginning 2) 'face)))
(if (listp prop)
(list prop)))))))
(list 'face (delq nil (let ((prop (get-text-property
(match-beginning 2) 'face)))
(or (listp prop) (setq prop (list prop)))
(if (memq 'org-tag prop)
(cons 'org-tag prop))))))
(setq l (- (match-end 2) (match-beginning 2))
c (if (< org-agenda-tags-column 0)
(- (abs org-agenda-tags-column) l)
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