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Doc fixes.

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......@@ -2510,9 +2510,9 @@ a coding system, or a character code. */)
DEFUN ("set-char-table-default", Fset_char_table_default,
Sset_char_table_default, 3, 3, 0,
doc: /* Set the default value in CHAR-TABLE for a generic character CHAR to VALUE.
doc: /* Set the default value in CHAR-TABLE for generic character CH to VALUE.
The generic character specifies the group of characters.
See also the documentation of make-char. */)
See also the documentation of `make-char'. */)
(char_table, ch, value)
Lisp_Object char_table, ch, value;
......@@ -3221,7 +3221,12 @@ When USE-FLOATS is non-nil, floats will be used instead of integers.
These floats are not multiplied by 100.
If the 5-minute or 15-minute load averages are not available, return a
shortened list, containing only those averages which are available. */)
shortened list, containing only those averages which are available.
An error is thrown if the load average can't be obtained. In some
cases making it work would require Emacs being installed setuid or
setgid so that it can read kernel information, and that usually isn't
advisable. */)
Lisp_Object use_floats;
......@@ -3478,15 +3483,19 @@ DEFUN ("langinfo", Flanginfo, Slanginfo, 1, 1, 0,
doc: /* Access locale data ITEM, if available.
ITEM may be one of the following:
`codeset', returning the character set as a string (locale item CODESET);
`days', returning a 7-element vector of day names (locale items DAY_n);
`months', returning a 12-element vector of month names (locale items MON_n);
`paper', returning a list (WIDTH, HEIGHT) for the default paper size,
where the width and height are in mm (locale items PAPER_WIDTH,
If the system can't provide such information through a call to
nl_langinfo(3), return nil.
nl_langinfo(3) or if ITEM isn't from the list above, return nil.
See also Info node `(libc)Locales'.
......@@ -3551,7 +3560,7 @@ The data read from the system are decoded using `locale-coding-system'. */)
#endif /* PAPER_WIDTH */
return Qnil;
return Qnil;
/* base64 encode/decode functions (RFC 2045).
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