Commit 30bb9754 authored by Boris Goldowsky's avatar Boris Goldowsky
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(newline): Moved from cmds.c. Indents last

inserted line to left-margin.
parent 46cd263f
......@@ -25,6 +25,40 @@
;;; Code:
(defun newline (&optional arg)
"Insert a newline and move to left margin of the new line.
The newline is marked with the text-property `hard'.
With arg, insert that many newlines.
In Auto Fill mode, if no numeric arg, break the preceding line if it's long."
(interactive "*P")
;; Inserting a newline at the end of a line produces better redisplay in
;; try_window_id than inserting at the beginning of a line, and the textual
;; result is the same. So, if we're at beginning of line, pretend to be at
;; the end of the previous line.
(let ((flag (and (not (bobp))
(< (or (previous-property-change (point)) -2)
(- (point) 2)))))
(if flag (backward-char 1))
;; Call self-insert so that auto-fill, abbrev expansion etc. happens.
;; Set last-command-char to tell self-insert what to insert.
(let ((last-command-char ?\n)
;; Don't auto-fill if we have a numeric argument.
(auto-fill-function (if arg nil auto-fill-function)))
(self-insert-command (prefix-numeric-value arg)))
;; Mark the newline(s) `hard'.
(if use-hard-newlines
(let* ((from (- (point) (if arg (prefix-numeric-value arg) 1)))
(sticky (get-text-property from 'rear-nonsticky)))
(put-text-property from (point) 'hard 't)
;; If rear-nonsticky is not "t", add 'hard to rear-nonsticky list
(if (and (listp sticky) (not (memq 'hard sticky)))
(put-text-property from (point) 'rear-nonsticky
(cons 'hard sticky)))))
(if flag (forward-char 1)))
(move-to-left-margin nil t)
(defun open-line (arg)
"Insert a newline and leave point before it.
If there is a fill prefix and/or a left-margin, insert them on the new line
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