Commit 30bc62fa authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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Remove function prototypes.

parent 656cdd8d
...@@ -6,35 +6,35 @@ ...@@ -6,35 +6,35 @@
extern widget_creation_entry xm_creation_table []; extern widget_creation_entry xm_creation_table [];
Widget Widget
xm_create_dialog (widget_instance* instance); xm_create_dialog (/* widget_instance* instance */);
Boolean Boolean
lw_motif_widget_p (Widget widget); lw_motif_widget_p (/* Widget widget */);
void void
xm_update_one_widget (widget_instance* instance, Widget widget, xm_update_one_widget (/* widget_instance* instance, Widget widget,
widget_value* val, Boolean deep_p); widget_value* val, Boolean deep_p */);
void void
xm_update_one_value (widget_instance* instance, Widget widget, xm_update_one_value (/* widget_instance* instance, Widget widget,
widget_value* val); widget_value* val */);
void void
xm_destroy_instance (widget_instance* instance); xm_destroy_instance (/* widget_instance* instance */);
void void
xm_set_keyboard_focus (Widget parent, Widget w); xm_set_keyboard_focus (/* Widget parent, Widget w */);
void void
xm_popup_menu (Widget widget); xm_popup_menu (/* Widget widget */);
void void
xm_pop_instance (widget_instance* instance, Boolean up); xm_pop_instance (/* widget_instance* instance, Boolean up */);
void void
xm_set_main_areas (Widget parent, Widget menubar, Widget work_area); xm_set_main_areas (/* Widget parent, Widget menubar, Widget work_area */);
void void
xm_manage_resizing (Widget w, Boolean flag); xm_manage_resizing (/* Widget w, Boolean flag */);
#endif /* LWLIB_XM_H */ #endif /* LWLIB_XM_H */
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