Commit 30c09955 authored by Martin Rudalics's avatar Martin Rudalics

Fix window splitting behavior of 'display-buffer-at-bottom'

* lisp/window.el (display-buffer-at-bottom): Never split an
arbitrary bottom window.  Try to split the frame's main
window instead (Bug#33870).
parent dc1d2d3c
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in 51 minutes and 24 seconds
......@@ -7559,10 +7559,6 @@ selected frame."
nil nil 'nomini)
(or (and bottom-window-shows-buffer
(window--display-buffer buffer bottom-window 'reuse alist))
(and (not (frame-parameter nil 'unsplittable))
(let (split-height-threshold)
(setq window (window--try-to-split-window bottom-window alist)))
(window--display-buffer buffer window 'window alist))
(and (not (frame-parameter nil 'unsplittable))
(setq window (split-window-no-error (window-main-window)))
(window--display-buffer buffer window 'window alist))
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