Commit 30e671c3 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(XTread_socket): Delete the code to pass menu bar keys

to the toolkit alone.
(XTread_socket): Don't fail to pass button events to toolkit.
parent a9be6839
......@@ -4059,6 +4059,7 @@ XTread_socket (sd, bufp, numchars, waitp, expected)
else if (event.type == ButtonPress)
last_mouse_press_frame = Qnil;
goto OTHER;
#ifdef USE_MOTIF /* This should do not harm for Lucid,
but I am trying to be cautious. */
......@@ -4072,6 +4073,8 @@ XTread_socket (sd, bufp, numchars, waitp, expected)
goto OTHER;
#endif /* USE_MOTIF */
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