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parent ea73d129
......@@ -3566,6 +3566,10 @@ mark_memory (start, end)
mark_maybe_pointer (*pp);
/* setjmp will work with GCC unless NON_SAVING_SETJMP is defined in
the GCC system configuration. In gcc 3.2, the only systems for
which this is so are i386-sco5 non-ELF, i386-sysv3 (maybe included
by others?) and ns32k-pc532-min. */
......@@ -3593,6 +3597,10 @@ solution for your system.\n\
Please take a look at the function mark_stack in alloc.c, and\n\
try to find a way to make it work on your system.\n\
Note that you may get false negatives, depending on the compiler.\n\
In particular, you need to use -O with GCC for this test.\n\
Please mail the result to <>.\n\
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