Commit 310682e6 authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm
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* ido.el (ido-use-filename-at-point, ido-use-url-at-point):

New defcustoms to add ffap-like functionality to ido.
(ido-saved-vc-hb): Rename from ido-saved-vc-mt.  Uses changed.
(ido-no-final-slash): New defun.
(ido-make-prompt, ido-file-internal, ido-toggle-vc)
(ido-read-file-name): ): Toggle VC checking via
vc-handled-backends instead of vc-master-templates.
(ido-file-internal): Handle ido-use-url-at-point and
ido-use-filename-at-point via code borrowed from ffap-guesser.
Handle new ido-exit code ffap.
(ido-sort-list): Ignore final slash when sorting file names.
parent b9648719
......@@ -553,6 +553,20 @@ the `ido-work-directory-list' list."
:group 'ido)
(defcustom ido-use-filename-at-point nil
"*Non-nil means that ido shall look for a filename at point.
If found, use that as the starting point for filename selection."
:type 'boolean
:group 'ido)
(defcustom ido-use-url-at-point nil
"*Non-nil means that ido shall look for a URL at point.
If found, call `find-file-at-point' to visit it."
:type 'boolean
:group 'ido)
(defcustom ido-enable-tramp-completion t
"*Non-nil means that ido shall perform tramp method and server name completion.
A tramp file name uses the following syntax: /method:user@host:filename."
......@@ -954,8 +968,8 @@ it doesn't interfere with other minibuffer usage.")
;; Value is a list (ido-text dir cur-list ignored-list matches).
(defvar ido-pre-merge-state)
;; Original value of vc-master-templates for use in ido-toggle-vc.
(defvar ido-saved-vc-mt)
;; Original value of vc-handled-backends for use in ido-toggle-vc.
(defvar ido-saved-vc-hb)
;; Stores temporary state of literal find file.
(defvar ido-find-literal)
......@@ -1372,6 +1386,13 @@ This function also adds a hook to the minibuffer."
(fix-it (concat dir "/"))
(t nil)))
(defun ido-no-final-slash (s)
;; Remove optional final slash from string S
(let ((l (1- (length s))))
(if (and (> l 0) (eq (aref s l) ?/))
(substring s 0 l)
(defun ido-set-current-directory (dir &optional subdir no-merge)
;; Set ido's current directory to DIR or DIR/SUBDIR
(setq dir (ido-final-slash dir t))
......@@ -1408,7 +1429,7 @@ This function also adds a hook to the minibuffer."
(floor (* (frame-width) ido-max-file-prompt-width))
(literal (and (boundp 'ido-find-literal) ido-find-literal "(literal) "))
(vc-off (and ido-saved-vc-mt (not vc-master-templates) "[-VC] "))
(vc-off (and ido-saved-vc-hb (not vc-handled-backends) "[-VC] "))
(prefix nil)
(rule ido-rewrite-file-prompt-rules))
(let ((case-fold-search nil))
......@@ -1832,22 +1853,46 @@ If INITIAL is non-nil, it specifies the initial input string."
(defun ido-file-internal (method &optional fallback default prompt item initial)
;; Internal function for ido-find-file and friends
(unless item
(setq item 'file))
(let ((ido-current-directory (expand-file-name (or default default-directory)))
(if (or (not ido-mode) (ido-is-slow-ftp-host))
(setq filename t
ido-exit 'fallback))
(let (ido-saved-vc-mt
(vc-master-templates (and (boundp 'vc-master-templates) vc-master-templates))
((or (not ido-mode) (ido-is-slow-ftp-host))
(setq filename t
ido-exit 'fallback))
((and (eq item 'file)
(or ido-use-url-at-point ido-use-filename-at-point))
(let (fn d)
(require 'ffap)
;; Duplicate code from ffap-guesser as we want different behaviour for files and URLs.
((and ido-use-url-at-point
(ffap-fixup-url (or (ffap-url-at-point)
(setq ido-exit 'ffap
filename t))
((and ido-use-filename-at-point
(setq fn (ffap-string-at-point))
(not (string-match "^http:/" fn))
(setq d (file-name-directory fn))
(file-directory-p d))
(setq ido-current-directory d)
(setq initial (file-name-nondirectory fn)))))))
(let (ido-saved-vc-hb
(vc-handled-backends (and (boundp 'vc-handled-backends) vc-handled-backends))
(ido-work-directory-index -1)
(ido-work-file-index -1)
(ido-find-literal nil))
(unless filename
(setq ido-saved-vc-mt vc-master-templates)
(setq filename (ido-read-internal (or item 'file)
(setq ido-saved-vc-hb vc-handled-backends)
(setq filename (ido-read-internal item
(or prompt "Find file: ")
'ido-file-history nil nil initial)))
......@@ -1868,6 +1913,9 @@ If INITIAL is non-nil, it specifies the initial input string."
((eq ido-exit 'dired)
(dired (concat ido-current-directory (or ido-text ""))))
((eq ido-exit 'ffap)
((eq method 'alt-file)
(ido-record-work-file filename)
(setq default-directory ido-current-directory)
......@@ -2087,8 +2135,8 @@ If no merge has yet taken place, toggle automatic merging option."
(if (and ido-mode (eq ido-cur-item 'file))
(setq vc-master-templates
(if vc-master-templates nil ido-saved-vc-mt))
(setq vc-handled-backends
(if vc-handled-backends nil ido-saved-vc-hb))
(setq ido-text-init ido-text)
(setq ido-exit 'keep)
......@@ -2477,7 +2525,8 @@ for first matching file."
(defun ido-sort-list (items)
;; Simple list of file or buffer names
(sort items (lambda (a b) (string-lessp a b))))
(sort items (lambda (a b) (string-lessp (ido-no-final-slash a)
(ido-no-final-slash b)))))
(defun ido-sort-merged-list (items promote)
;; Input is list of ("file" . "dir") cons cells.
......@@ -3723,8 +3772,8 @@ See `read-file-name' for additional parameters."
((and (not (memq this-command ido-read-file-name-non-ido))
(or (null predicate) (eq predicate 'file-exists-p)))
(let (filename
(vc-master-templates (and (boundp 'vc-master-templates) vc-master-templates))
(vc-handled-backends (and (boundp 'vc-handled-backends) vc-handled-backends))
(ido-current-directory (expand-file-name (or dir default-directory)))
(ido-work-directory-index -1)
(ido-work-file-index -1)
......@@ -3742,7 +3791,7 @@ See `read-file-name' for additional parameters."
"Read directory name, prompting with PROMPT and completing in directory DIR.
See `read-file-name' for additional parameters."
(let (filename
(ido-current-directory (expand-file-name (or dir default-directory)))
(ido-work-directory-index -1)
(ido-work-file-index -1))
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